MWE of custom integration

I am probably at a similar point in learning to develop as eiri.
I have a lot of python experience, but am overwhelmed by what it is supposed to take to get it running under HA.
I would really like to perform the minimal amount of setting up a simple python script to get one number from a device.

The guide explains that you need all these:

  • Github account
  • Fork repository
  • Visual Studio Code
  • devcontainer
  • environments

I really don’t get why any of this is necessary. I already have HA running on my raspberry pi and now I would like to run a simple python script, talking to a device, getting one number and displaying it in the HA dashboard. Not more.

The python package for the actual communication is already perfectly working. It’s like 20 lines of code.

I made manifest & init files. I feel like I am missing only one last step, but the documentation makes it seem like I need to setup 10 different complex things to run this simple script.

Is there a way to just run the script and get the number?
I think if all of these steps are necessary, HA is really not fitting for newcomers who already struggle to learn programming, if I already fail hard.

Thanks a lot!

Maybe try AppDaemon instead.