My 5th foray into HA and finally, this time, I might just stick with it

I started doing automation with X10 products about 15 years ago. Over the last 10 years, I have every now and then checked out HA. Each time, it was too difficult to install and use, and I had always thrown my hands up and abandoned.

Upon trying the latest HASSIO, it looks like things might just be good enough now to keep as my main backbone to the house. With that in mind, I started installing panels as switches. This is my latest effort after 3 weeks of learning to use HA.


Welcome back.

The latest HASSIO was released over 4 years ago. You mean HA OS. It is best to use the correct terms for these things.

Cheers. HA OS it is.

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Welcome back

I’ve added a smaller NSPanel Pro to the house.