My alternative remote access to HASS

My ISP providing me internet through VPN. So to get access to internet my router permanently holding VPN connection to internet access gateway. In this situation services like DuckDNS is not applicable. I’m always has gray IP and my public IP is shred between another VPN users. I was looking for alternative way to make my HASS available through internet. Luckily I found Dataplicity It provides me ability to manage my PI from anywhere. And the most important part it can make my HASS accessible through internet via https.

I’ve documented my experience on github. So if you are in same situation as I fill free to use my configuration.

In addition I’ve added tips for MySQL configuration to support non-english characters and bridge config for CloudMQTT

I’ll add additional configuration files from time to time while migrating my test enviroment to production.



I just installed it and tried it quickly, I can see that I’m able to login in the terminal but I don’t get how you can surf to port 8123 with the wormhole?
Do I have to install nginx? Can you explain a little bit more?

EDIT Just saw that you have everything on github.

Wormhole feature proxies external https traffic on yours Pi localhost port 80. You need nginx or any other proxy which can proxy traffic from local host port 80 to port 8123.

how do you maintain the connection if internet drops or reconnected with dataplicity , i am asking for recomendation sometimes internet goes down then its back up or you restart pi , after that dataplicity connection is not working so what is the dynamic way to make it maintain the connection.

Dataplicity deamon takes care of it. It monitors connection and always tryies to reconnect to dataplicity cloud.

can it be installed on

No. It installs in host OS.