My automations dont switch things off again

I have tried creating automations on different blueprints, but get the same problem in them all: They work half of the way: After movement the light or switch turn on fine, but they dont switch off again. This for example, an automation based on one of the most popular blueprints:

alias: Light at movement in Anneks
description: something
  path: freakshock88/motion_illuminance_activated_entity.yaml
    motion_sensor: automation.motion_activated_light_2
    target_entity: light.tz3000_riwp3k79_ts0505a_88fe15fe_level_light_color_on_off
    illuminance_sensor: sensor.hue_outdoor_motion_sensor_1_light_level
    illuminance_cutoff: input_number.hvorlysterdet
    no_motion_wait: input_number.ontimeafter

I have created 2 helpers: input_number.howmuchlight and input_number.ontimeafter. The value of input_number.ontimeafter is one minute, but the light doesnt switch off?

I have created 2 automations with this blueprint: One with an Ikea motion sensor and a sonoff relay and one with a chinese motionsensor and a Livarno ledstrip.

Step details of one of them:

Executed: 7. november 2021 00.16.29
  domain: homeassistant
  service: turn_on
  service_data: {}
      - light.tz3000_riwp3k79_ts0505a_88fe15fe_level_light_color_on_off
running_script: false
limit: 10

Maybe include a link to where you found the blueprint ?