My BK7231N (BK7231T) RGBCW LED driver now compatible with Home Assistant by MQTT

Hey all,
as some of you might already know, I am making open source firmware for Bekken chips (BK7231N, BK7231T, etc, WB3S, WB2S) that allows to pair new Tuya devices with Home Assistant. Here is my respository:

Today I have written a RGBCW LED driver that is compatible with Home Assistant RGBCW system.
I am using configuration yaml with following commands:

  • rgb_command_template
  • brightness_value_template
  • color_temp_value_template
  • etc.

and it gives me a nice separate RGB and CW controls along with Dimming slider in Home Assistant.
More details, whole setup guide with photos (showing how to flash BK7231N and more) is here:
And remember, if you have any Bekken devices you’d like to pair with Home Assistant, just send me a message on the forum above. I am actively developing new features and utilities for making Bekken modules compatible with HA. More to come soon, stay tuned!


I’m following you work on GitHub, and I’d like to thank you for this initiative.

I’m wrestling for day with this guy here: Tuya S11 Smart RF + IR

It has a BK7231N, so I still have some hope :grinning:
It’s a cool device, has all the features that I was looking for, but none work as I need.
It’d be amazing to have OpenBK7231N on it.

Here some info about the module
Cbu module datasheet

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Did you manage to flash it?
I don’t have IR support yet, but it’s on TODO list.

What kind of features do you need?

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Would the same work with BL2028N chip? This seller site seems to hint that they equivalent.

Hi ! I’m really interested because I own the same device. Really efficient except it can’t be used directly with HomeAssistant. I had to configure it on Tuya Smart and make different scenes to make it work. I don’t know how to help in this case.

hi, I also have bk7231t IR device, have someone manage to flash it to use it directly from home assistant without Tuya & scenes

need your support please