My Card's Markdown CSS align settings are lost after a few minutes

Hello Community,

I need some short help. I cannot find any reason why this is happening. I created a new frontend and I created logos with markdown in the cards. I aligned to the center of the card as you can see on this second picture. This looks good but as soon a few minutes left on every device the logo and the title goes to the left. I need to go edit the page and just save it again, does not need to change anything so the code is good, but it keeps happening many times daily.

```background: center / cover no-repeat fixed url('/local/theme/gray.jpg')
  - icon: mdi:information-box
      - entity: person.gergo_schwahofer
        name: Gergő
      - entity: person.szandra_meszaros
        name: Szandi
      - type: custom:vertical-stack-in-card
          - type: markdown
            content: >-
              # <img width="50" height="50" src='/local/dashboard/weather.png'
              style='vertical-align:middle' /> Időjárás
              .: |
                ha-card {
                  background-color: transparent !important;
                  box-shadow: none !important;
                $: |
                  h1 {
                    font-size: 35px;
                    font-weight: bold;
                    text-align: center;
                    letter-spacing: '-0.02em';
                  img {
                    vertical-align: -15px;
            entity: weather.otthon
            name: Weather Forecast
          - type: weather-forecast
            entity: weather.forecast_otthon
            secondary_info_attribute: humidity
              .: |
                ha-card {
                  background-color: transparent !important;
                  box-shadow: 2px !important;
            theme: Caule Black Gray Glass ```

Please check my suggestions in your opened issue on GitHub.

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I normally just cheat with a html table or just use <center>

If styling may be achieved by using “embedded” styles w/o card-mod - better to use them.
Here the person probably needs MORE which may be only achieved by Card-mod.

A html table with align and/or width can do a lot. A few cells with a non-breaking space can add more versatility for spacers.