My Cell phone not visible in the Developer Tool Services

Why is my cell phone not visible in the Developer Tool under service? I do get “Notifications: Send a notification via mobile_app_sm_g998u” under Services and I can push a message to my phone. But I have renamed the phone “Ed_Cell” within the Mobile App and selected “Ed_Cell” in Settings, Person as the Track Device. I noticed this issue when adding my wife’s phone which is identical to mine, Samsung GallaxyS21. I had hoped that removing both phones from HA Mobile App, deleting the HA Companion App data, uninstalling the Companion App from both phones and my wife as a user and starting over by reinstalling the Companion App first on my phone would help? It did not. I have verified the renaming of my phone in the Mobile App and Person, Track device and performed many HA restarts. I’m getting nowhere.

Not a direct answer to your question, but I’d highly recommend creating a notify group with your phone in it and use that. It can help with naming issues/new/replacement devices, but also if you for instance get an additional device in the future that you want all your HA notifications to go to as well (watch, tablet, work phone), you just have to make a single change and all your automations will be updated.

I have noticed this too. I always assumed that HA was generating its sensor names from the phone’s name, which by default (in Android at least) is the model number. So I have a device which I have renamed “Asus tablet” in HA, but sensors relating to it are all sensor.p027_battery_level etc.

I’ve never had the foresight to rename a new phone before installing any apps, so I haven’t been able to test this.

Thank you. I’ll review the group notification. I have a lot to learn about HA.

I have resolved the problem. It had to do with renaming my cell phones in the companion app and HA properly. I can now use developer tools, service to notify my cells individually. IE: Notifications: Send a notification via mobile_app_sm_g998u_ed