[My Dashboard] All-in-One control screen

Happy New Year 2023 to all of you with a little share of my today’s special dashboard !

With this control screen I can manage with a few buttons, heaters, air conditioning, wake-up heating, lights, and get all infos on meteo, dynamics alerts, Air Quality, Electricity consumption, covers, etc. with a lot of NodeRed Automations. Feel free to ask for any questions.

And for JoeTT below and his first connection and only post on this forum, troll ?

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it takes for everyone, but I don’t like

This is the Eve version, restarting tomorrow the standard.

A new panel dedicated to control my DENON/MARANTZ Audio/Video system:


Developped with NodeRED , interface with one card picture_element and use of the DENON/MARANTZ API.