My Dashboard with custom integrations from the community

When I saw the dashboard from Matthias_Persson I was sure I wanted something similar. But that meant a lot of work. First I wanted to understand what he did and used. I like the HomeKit style but did not want to copy that. I tested a while if some custom component and used then thing like browser_mod, card-mod and button-card to create my own dashboard I wanted to use also on a wall mounted tablet. But because of my setup with rooms and lot of buttons, cards, entities, graphs I use i do not want to have all on one page.

So it is still in progress, but who is every really done with is Smart Home stuff? :smile:

So maybe this will also motivate and inspire other to go away from the default stuff you can do.

So here a view on the start page of the dashboard, every pages and popup was been done with grid card. I know there are some rest of vertical and horizontal for layout of the popup cards but 98% is grid.

Icons are all from
The weather on top is from the web, the temp and humidity below is from a sensor I have outside to calculate humidity and use luminance for roller shutter automations.

On this page you see buttons for light, roller shutter, sleepmode, humidity to control all rooms from here, but also from the room pages. Also icons for fast seeing if windows are open and how many. Or to see if light are on or how many rooms to have bad humidity and other things

light short

With hold you can switch light for all rooms on/off. But from the overview on the room you can switch the light for the room or go into the room so switch every light on its own.

You can also see directly wich room has disabled the automatic light switching automation (automatic on/off if no-one or someone in room), you can also see a small red icon on start page dashboard if a room has been set to disable automatic behaviour.

This page is mostly the same for all rooms but I still have one popup per room, while change that later thanks to browser_mod handover variables.

So if you want to you can go into detail of every room to see info how humidity decreased or what the actual value is. Or just use the overview to see wich room is red and means immediately air condition is needed.

This is from my Gaming/Home Office Room so when in Home Office everyone know when it is ok to enter or not ;-). Green Area goes red when in a call or manual changed.

This is living room, the top part is same in all rooms to make it easier for everyone to remember where to find what.

I also used disher and washing from this reddit and adapted it so I could use it with some self created sensor for calculating power usage to know if it is starting, running, idle or done.

And I copied the toilet sag from Matthias_Persson because it was really great and I had no time yet to do my own animations. Also I am not sure wich of my icons make sense and what icons I should use. But as I said, still ongoing :slight_smile: and my theme is based on his theme with some adaptions.

So credits to Matthias_Persson, he did make a great looking dashboard and nice animations on his icons.

And every item with more options on hold action has a small icon on the right bottom corner.

Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 17.04.29

Here you can find the config so far on GitHub

So what do you think, do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you have ideas how optimise? I also have lot of template sensor, automations and script in the background running that doing a lot of the stuff you do not see on a dashboard.

Automations: 217 (Lot of them are with choose options if not it would be more)
Scripts: 133 (Need to cleanup maybe if I found a better way for script of same item in several rooms like with variables)
Sensors: 636 (.Lot of them are from entities that have been automatic generated but also lot of template sensors )

If you have questions please ask and I will try to answer. :slight_smile:

Oh and here is how it looks on the wall tablet (Fire 7 with Fully Kiosk)


Changed first item to own animated version


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its very nice, i have to say.
can you tell me what kind of setup you used for window/door shutter? i mean what devices you used to open and close them. and how you integrate them in home assistant.

Thanks, I used Fibaro Roller Shutter. But next time I would use Shelly Roller Shutter I think. Because the Fibaro Roller Shutter needs Fibaro center for an update, and without an update it does not send correct position updates if fully up or down. Shell should do that better what I read, but it is wifi only.

ok, so you have motorized shutters…so you only needed to make them smart. :smiley:
I have a manual shutter. I need these to make them smart. And the problem is Rademacher requires their hub to function. I don’t know if that HUB can communicate with HA. I couldn’t find a good tutorial for this.

Very inspiring code! I had to laugh aloud when I saw your „Nickerchen“-automation. Couldn’t find it: Where do you use the alexa_confirm.yaml?

@pedolsky the automation for nickerchen can be found in automations.yaml starting line 4231. That is the main automation. I have 2 of them depending on wich Alexa is asked to start the “Nickerchen”. It can decide if it was Alexa in Bedroom or Livingroom. So only the shutter there are closed. Also the movement sensors are blocked only there so the light is not going on while moving.

Oh and about alexa_confirm.yaml, looks like this is old. I used that in the past when I run my Alexa scripts. But and one point I shortened the answers and only used preset answer for overwriting window watcher or something. So I do not use it anymore. But if you want to try it out check this post