My energy data seems to have broken. how can I fix it?


Today I noticed a very weird behavior on my energy dashboard. I think my integration had some hiccup (probable because it does polling to a third party site) and something seem to have broken, but I dont understand why.

As you can see from the screenshot, apparently just today I consumed over 5000 KWH of energy and sold over 6000 KWH.

I went to check my entitites and they have some data with 0.0. how can I fix this issue? I dont mind going and messing with the sql database, but Im not sure really how the dashboard work

I found some entries in statistics_short_term where state=0.0. I updated manually those entries to have the values from the immediately previous entry, but that does not have solved the issue.

ok. I managed to solve it.
I did not know you could adjust the statistics from the UI, I went to dev tools → statistics, found my buy and sell entities and found the offending values around 13:15h and fixed them.
now it looks good.