My ESP Easy Write-up

I’m not very experienced with writing Arduino sketches and I was looking for a way to set up sensors and switches quickly and easily with Home Assistant and ESP8266 chips. I read that a few people were using ESP Easy.

I ran into a few issues with mine but I eventually figured it out. I did a write-up on how to set everything up with step-by-step instructions for complete novices like myself.

I thought I would link it here in case anyone else was struggling with their ESP Easy set up.

It can be found here.

It looks like ESP Easy is in the process of rebranding? They appear to be moving to Their website is in complete disarray and the download link is not there as of 10/25/2016. I edited my post to point to the sourceforge download for the latest firmware.


This is so amazingly timely! Thanks so much for the write up! You should consider posting this to the main blog. It is a great step by step document!

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nice article.
why do you advise to remove first forward slash in mqtt topic on esp?

For some reason, when I leave it in, the switch would not switch. The MQTT messages were coming across both the console and the ESP Easy log but the GPIO state was not changing.

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Thanks for that info. I have always just left the slash in place and haven’t appeared to have any issues. Howeve, I am running mostly sensors.

I don’t quite recall, but I think that you are right, I don’t remember having too much trouble with my sensors, just my switches.

Hi pichon

the link to your guide isn’t working… any chance of a new one?