My ETA boiler has an API - can I connect to it?

My boiler can return various temperatures via commands like
GET http://XXX:8080/user/var/48/10391/0/0/12080

The above produces the word “On” or “Off”

Other commands return temperatures

It would be great if there was a way to get this to display in my HA dashboard

There seems to be a 3rd party integration for it.

I found the answer at GitHub - nigl/homeassistant_eta_integration: Integration of ETA (Heating) sensors to home assistant


there is another repo with more function.
Its´s fork from nigl.

It’s need REST API 1.2 and I still investigate how to update the api.

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I may give it a go but do you know how one can tell what API version one has?
And as we have a log boiler, do you know if one can calculate that one’s cumulative kWh too?
I can see a “full load hours” api figure for both the pellet boiler and the log boiler