My Fibaro FGR222 in ventian blind mode are not showing the correct values for the position


My problem is that my Fibaro FGR222 Shutter Modules are configured in blind mode, so they transfer the blind position and slat angle values ​​to the manufacturer’s proprietary Zwave property 145.
In the HA, the slat angle is displayed correctly, but the position of the blind is taken from the “Multilevel Switch” attribute, but the module does not report changes to this. So I always only have correct values ​​for the slats.
The reason for this probably lies in the Zwave JS integration. I’ve already opened a bug in Git (Using Fibaro FGR222 in ventian Blind Mode is not responding correct values · Issue #115632 · home-assistant/core · GitHub), but no one there could help. Maybe there is someone here who has the same problem or can help develop the code?

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