My first backup fails: "Unknown error, see supervisor"

Hello everyone,

I installed my first HA yesterday. I’m using a RPi 3 with the HA OS from the installation manual, at

Everything works fine, I configured my dashboard, I added several integrations and my home network etc.

Now I wanted to create a backup so my work won’t be lost. Unfortunately, that fails. I go to system → Backups → [+] Create Backup, I enter some random name like “123”, full backup, create. Then, the error message appears: “Unknown error, see supervisor”

I don’t see anything in the logs except for a disk space warning:

Failed to to call /addons/a0d7b954_home-panel/install - 'AddonManager.install' blocked from execution, not enough free space (0.5GB) left on the device

This has been bugging me from the beginning because I used the recommended OS install file with the recommeded methods and tools, yet my Pi image has only 0.5gb free space since installation. I have no addons installed. I used a 4GB SD card, the imaging tool said that it will only use 1.8GB. What happened to the remaining 2.2GB disk space? :frowning:

Any idea? Did I do something wrong during installation where I should have enlarged the partition size? Is the partition size relative to the overall size and that’s why it’s so small? Or does the error message stem from somewhere else and that’s unrelated? Is there any way how I can enlarge the partition size without screwing the HA installation? i don’t want to setup everything again :frowning:

Thanks a lot in advance!

Micro SD Card. Ideally get one that is Application Class 2 as they handle small I/O much more consistently than cards not optimized to host applications. A 32 GB or bigger card is recommended.

Is stated here: Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant

Every OS image expands after install, as a lot of files get unzipped and a database is created…

My backup alone is 8GB… You do have a space issue…

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yuk, ok. Any way I can extract all my configurations so far?

Update: There is no /config like it says here: home-assistant/Backup and restore your at master · Kanga-Who/home-assistant · GitHub

Also, no other useful looking directories so far :frowning:

Update: I inserted the SD card into Linux computer, copied /media/…/hassos-data/supervisor/homeassistant/.storage/* to local storage, created a new HA SD image, inserted it into the Pi, let the initial install run through. Upon prompt to create user, I turned the Pi off, inserted the new SD card into linux machine, copied …/.storage/* to SD card, inserted SD card into Pi, and “voila” – everything is back.

Backup now works, and takes 500kb. Thank you, HASS OS, for nothing :frowning: