My first ESP32 / MQTT project


I have been following this guide for automatic plant watering sensor + pump.

I have had many issues, since this is my first this kind of project.
At this point I have got the ESP32 device online.
I believe the issue now is with MQTT.

The guide has a comment “Once complete you should see the device show up in MQTT”
I don’t see it, and as the device is online, I believe the issue is with my MQTT configuration.

Here below yaml from the ESP project:
broker: “core-mosquitto”
port: 1883
username: “my_mqtt_user_as_plain_text”
password: “password_as_plain_text”

Here below screenshot from my Mosquitto broker

Is this a correct approach?
Do I have “” correctly?
Or what could be the issue?
How should I get this working and connected to MQTT?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

In the ESPHome configuration you’ll have to specify the hostname or IP of your home assistant installation, in which your MQTT broker is running.

For example my HA has the IP, so either

  port: 1883


  broker: homeassistant.local
  port: 1883

works for me.

Thank you. This helped.
Not sure if it was working earlier already even.
I was expecting this to be discovered by MQTT integration but found it from ESP integration instead.

Anyway, thank you a lot :slight_smile:
Now my tomatoes won’t die.