My first project, Tesla control

Hi all,
Very new here and enjoying playing with home assistant. I thought I’d show my first lovelace dashboard, there are a few Tesla cards out there but none looked or did what I wanted, so I went about customising one.

Its rough as hell but at the moment the doors unlock, the climate starts, the frunk opens and the charge port unlocks. All icons behave exactly as in the Tesla app and I’m presenting it with browsermod_popup from the main dashboard.

I’m still alot of hours from finishing, but so far, so good.



Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 13.57.22


Really good looking card @ds2000!

Would you be able to post the yaml?

Thanks Brad

I’ll post the whole lot, images and setup as soon as it’s finished. I’d guess another week because of work commitments and a psvr2 delivery :nerd_face:

A little more progress, active images with states working. I’m now starting on the controls and climate sections.


Can you share your assets with us, too?

I will do, there is still quite a bit of work to go yet :slight_smile:

Good job, I need this!! :wink:

Would love to try this! Please share when you’re ready.

I will do, progress is slow with 2 kids and a renovation but I’m chipping away!

Formatting will be made better and I’ll try and figure out a way to standardise the pictures so people can make their own colours easily enough.

The 3 cards so far.
Top is the main view, buttons do what you’d expect. If you press the lightning icon it unlocks the charge port and displays the second card with the last charge info, slider to set % and < > for amps. (* < > doesn’t work at the moment)

Press the controls button and the third card is displayed, again all buttons will behave as in the app, so locks, frunk, trunk, horn, vent, start…

Main work left is the climate card for the seat warmers and defrost. I won’t make all the functions for that but I think defrost, temperature and vent.



Has there been any update on this? Ready to share assets so we can take a crack at it instead of waiting on your finished card?

This looks very nice…

Nice work. Any chance of a share

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Looks soo freaking good.
Would be keen to see your progress.

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I’m in the process of creating the gitrepo and readme file for this and how to set it up. Hopefully soon.
There is a ton of stuff not finished and not working but it others get it going I can merge the code.


Code is here, still needs a ton more work


VERY Well Done David !!!

Definitely going to give this a shot on my Model S - looks great. If I’m successful I’ll do a PR for my images. Thanks!


Where did you get the images? My M3 is gray, so ideally I’d change the colour of the car

They are based on screenshots from the app. You may find it easier to change the color of the existing images to match your car.

Thanks. I’ll give it a go - if they are decent, I’ll add them to your git.