My HA Configuration

Hi all I thought I would share my config for anyone that might be interested, I apologize for the massive README file once I got started it kinda turned into a bit of a blog. I am new to HA (6 months) and even newer to Github (my first repo) so go easy on me I am open to any suggestions I was hoping this could help anyone just starting out with HA.
My house is under going extensive renovations so the timing of this post is probably poor as some smart home equipment has had to be removed to make way for wall relocation’s, paint re-cabling etc. As a result some code is not functional or removed until that part of the system can be restored.


Thanks for that.
I found it really interesting and inspiring.

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Looks great! I like the logo… I need to add the topology and some more screenshots to mine…those are grreat additions. Was yours a fork of mine? There are a lot of similarities… But it looks great!

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@CCOSTAN Yours was definitely an inspiration for my layout I had never done a readme before and with no experience with markdowns or html it was a nice challenge.

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@DAveShillito I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Came out really nice! I really need to build a network layout like you have. I really like that part of your repo.


Jimpower, in case you didn’t know already github keeps a version history. People can see the files, like secrets, that you removed. You can remove them permanently though.

You have spent more time documenting than I have in HA. This is one of the nicest write ups I have ever seen. You have given me a ton of inspiration. You also helped me work out a few config issues.


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I used Visio to do up the Topology I could share my base design if you want a guide.

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Firstly, Crap I will get this sorted.

Secondly I’m glad you enjoyed it, it made the time I spent documenting it worth it if it can help someone else in their HA Journey.

Absolutely amazing writeup! I am still learning and always changing my configuration!

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I would love your base. We have a lot of the same components so that would make it a ton easier… You can upload to my Repo or I can download from yours…

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Uploaded to my repo please find here HA Topo.vsdx

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Bad link bro

Please try again.

For all those that have starred or following my repo please do it again as I had to remove and reload thanks.

Really neat stuff! Do you have any more information on this Spotify script that sets LEDs to album art color? That would be great to use when I Spotify on the main system, if it was possible.

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Nicely Done, well done mate

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I have only skimmed through, but it looks very good. I’ll read more in due course!

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I used this project as the basis of my Led strip change with music application.

You will need AppDeamon installed at the bottom of his post there are some links to get you started with and the LED script used.

Very nice. Impressive Readme (and markdown skills.)

Have you considered using deconz with Conbee USB Zigbee gateway and razberry Zwave raspberry pi shield instead of internet hosted services like the Xiaomi and smart things? It’s nice to know that everything works even without an internet connection, at least I like to think so. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words I didn’t even know what a markdown was before I wrote that Readme.

I am definitely wanting to move over to one of the offline gateway replacements for Xiaomi, I don’t really use ST for anything and when I did it was horrible using the bridge. I will investigate using deconz is there a device limit as I have just had to order a second Xiaomi gateway to handle devices I’m up to around 50.