My HA dashboard is awful

Hi there,

I am “new” to HA, just figured out how to install it on Amy Synology NAS (VMM), configures a few cards for my Honeywell heating system, 3 or 4 IP cameras, and mainly for energy usage (solar panels, grid, consumption), and I come to a point where I either use my HS dashboard on my computer or Android mobile phone …

Issue is … It looks very awful … it is just a combination of cards put the one next to each other, and I have the feeling like the cards are moving in the dashboard depending on the “screen size”.

I would like to have something more professional, see how it looks like at my side :slight_smile:

Computer :slight_smile:

Mobile Phone :slight_smile:

I plan to use a tablet to display HA in future … but if it stays like this it is not beautiful at all.
What would you recommend me to use as sotething simple and beautiful, and will it allow me to continue to use the HACS “power-flow-card-plus”, “energy-flow-card-plus” or “energy-period-selector-plus” cards ?

Many Thanks !!!

I can’t help much, but I would suggest first thing is to use dark mode.

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You can place the cards into vertical or horizontal stacks which may themselves be placed into vertical or horizontal stack

You can also look into floorplan designs

That’s called responsive design.

Is there sole noce code I can use to have a nice view ?
I mean I tried mushroom, but they have their own dedicated cards if I am correct, and I can not use the standard ones …
Floorplan I am not looking at …
Many thanks !!