My HA qcow2 vdisk lost partition how can i fix it?

i not sure if it in the write section if not please move it

i run HA in a VM using the qcow2 on unraid… i had nvme issues i moved it to the array after that it broke.
it no longer has a partition
ive tried the commands
fdisk -l -u /dev/ndb0

nothing works… anyone know how to repair a vdisk find the partition like other partioning saving programs like eaus

any help be great… my backups i had i thought they were saving to my Desktop everytime i did the update and save a backup… but it was saving it to the vdisk… which i wish you could set it to save backups to array instead

It may be the vm and not the vdisk. I have had issues with the vm nvram corrupting when moving vdisks.

Try creating a new vm with the same specs and add the vdisk to that.
Probably best to make sure you keep a copy of the vdisk before you mess with it too much as well.

ya i was not able to make new or what not

what i ended up doing is… runing the qemu convert something like that from qcow2 to vdisk or whatever it was
and then used a recovery program that could read vm partitions and i was able to copy the entire partition it found it and i then re did HA and was able to import it the last snap shot

and all my snapshots are saved in the VM they dont save to the computer… frustrating… and i looking for a way to cluster things to run on 2 unraids for fail over

@tinglis1 i also tried that i think
in unraid i did a new vm of unraid… in unraid i added the old broken vdisk as a secondary disk but i couldnt find a way in HA to be able to see that disk… and installing Samba share didnt help me seeing the 2nd drive… but managed to do it with a 3rd party software

Have you tried mounting the old vdisk on a standard distro like a Ubuntu vm?

sorry for the delay i havent checked back in a while…

ya nothing worked… i did get it to kinda work i did a convert qcow2 to different format… then used a program that can scan broken formats… i think i had to convert to img…

i was able to copy off it… and i was able to find a older copy of a saved backup…
i did try to just copy the folders over back to a new install but didnt work… but ya adding 2nd drive in unraid to a ubuntu didnt work for me… also i not that fluient in linux… so i didnt find it working for me im sure i could found a way… but in the end i got pretty much up and running…

is there a way to do automatic backup… i find the when i do an update of the OS i do the backup then i gotta do a Save to Download to the computer… is there a way for HA to update or backup weekly… for now i just save it and back it up so i dont get in the same mess i was… no idea what happened either…

There are a lot of options for automatically backing up snapshots.

Samba backup

Shared project for backups

I personally use the google drive backup addon and it works perfectly for me.