My hassio has gone rogue

So I was finally able to install hassio and do some automations etc etc. Recently being a noob managed to crash the system. So now I am again trying to get it installed, so I have flashed the sd card with fresh installation of hassio but somehow cant see the welcome screen. I can ping the hassio ip, most interestingly I can even see it in my network. I tried hassio.local:8123 and hassio.192.168.X.XX:8123 whatever the ip was, nothing happens. Can you experts please point me if I am missing something ?

I must wait for at least 20 minutes after booting hassio for the first time

Be patient and u will see the wonder

Thanks for your reply. I have tried that as well. Last what I am going to try is ip:8123, dropping hassio.

Sounds like it is picking up the old config file (my guess). If you full wiped the microSD, that obviously wouldn’t be the issue. Can you confirm that ethernet port and cable you are using is okay?
If you do get it up, maybe sure to install ssh right away. You need it so you can read the logs (if it doesn’t boot) and fix whatever issue it is.

Hi 370gt, you are right, I have wiped the sd card and did a fresh copy. When I ping the ip, it sends reply back and this is true whether I use Ethernet or setup the wifi and use that. I hope that tells me the Ethernet port and cable is functional ?