My Home Assistant home alarm system

Just wanted to share quick video I shot of what I made as an alarm system/piece of mind. This is by far the thing that took the longest to program and work out all the bugs in. And I’m pretty proud of it! so I wanted to share and maybe give someone else some ideas as I got some of these ideas from others.


Just tested something similar where I hid a NFC tag to temporarily disable my night mode while I’m leaving before my wife is up. Didn’t work and got the critical notification on my phone along with all the Google Home’s yelling Perimeter Breach!
At least I disabled the bit where it turns all the lights on to 100%.
I’ll put that back when I get a little better at escaping and the wife can too.

Yeah so far I only tripped it once when I went into garage when wife was already asleep. That was before I had the LED strips on the switches flashing red.

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My NFC tag hidden by the front door worked this morning.
I made it toggle the lamp by the front door to let the person know the system is paused.

Hi @nappyjim, are those ‘LED indicators’ part of the wallswitches?

@Nick4 yes. those are Inovelli red series switches. Kinda pricey but well worth it. Can customize the light colors, paddles can perform up to I think, 15 scenes, now. Because of chip shortage, they have long outages right now though.,

@nappyjim thanks!
Nice showcase btw.

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