My Lovelace Plugins


That’s proven to be a tough one… I think your best bet is an actual feature request to home-assistant.


OK, thanks.


…one other question :slightly_smiling_face:

I have ‘show_value: true’ for most of my lights. Is it possible to show the percent symbol % after the dimmer value?


The slider entity row was long due for an update

Some prettification, added support for media_player and cover, but also changed the customization options - BREAKING CHANGES.


Looks great! :heart:


I’m missing the hide_when_off option for lights.


I guess this answers my question from yesterday, looks great :blush:

I’m trying to achieve this one showing the light toggle, with slider and brightness percent underneath

It my code for that correct?

  - type: custom:slider-entity-row
    entity: light.office_light
    full_row: true

As this is that I get with that.


Try this:

- entity: light.office_light
  name: Office light    
- type: custom:slider-entity-row
  entity: light.office_light
  full_row: true


Would be nice if the toggles fit with normal toggles.


That works, thanks!

@thomasloven Is it not possible to hide the slider and brightness percentage when the lights turned off? I tried ‘hide_when_off: true’, but didn’t work.


This is so GREAT!
I combined the slider-entity-row with the fold-entity-row for a cover.


      - id: d5d7a997d13c4da9883d28326c0f66d6  # Automatically created id
        type: entities
        title: Cover Test1
          - entity: cover.test1
            name: Test1
          - type: custom:fold-entity-row
              type: custom:slider-entity-row
              entity: cover.test1 
              full_row: true
              - entity: input_number.cov_test1_duration
                name: Duration
              - entity: input_number.cov_test1_offset
                name: Offset
              - entity: input_number.cov_test1_counter
                name: Counter

VERY Happy with it! :heart:


The toggles are fixed.

I also added back the hide_when_off option, but - serious question - can anyone tell me why you’d want that? Do you only want to be able to adjust brightness, and to turn it off? Never on again? Never on directly to a defined value?


Well, it turns on with the last set value and then i can adjust it.
I like the slider hidden when it’s off.
THANKS for it and fixing the toggles.


For me I have quite a few lights that I rarely control manually, they’re timed to come on and go off.

But when they are on I like to see the brightness level/percent (make sure they’re working as they should). Also, hiding the sliders when they’re off looks cleaner, and doesn’t take up as much space.

I rarely use the sliders, which is why I enquired about just showing the brightness value/percentage below the lights previously :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like the layout card. Is there a way I can make it different for the mobile response point. The 5 columns I want is for tablet-desktop. It would be nice to do more for wide screen.



I use that because it’s easy to accidentally move the slider when swiping on the phone. If the light is on that doesn’t matter as much but if it’s off it might be worse to turn it on by accident. If I want to turn a light on to a certain brightness when off I just bring up the more info dialog.



I like the conditional card and its ability to dynamically change the interface a bit, but if you want to switch between two different cards, you need to add two conditional cards… And if you want even more it quickly grows.

So I made state-switch which allows you to switch in a card based on a dictionary of entity states.

- type: custom:state-switch
  entity: device_tracker.my_phone
      [definition of one card]
      [definition of another card]
      [and yet another]

While I use this in my own configuration, I almost decided against releasing it publicly beacuse the same thing can also be done with conditional… but then I realized something… I could easily make it switch depending on user name instead.

- type: custom:state-switch
  entity: user
  default: all_other
      type: entity-button
      entity: switch.self_destruct
      type: markdown
      content: >
        ## You're not supposed to be here!

Compact Custom Header & Custom User/Device Views

Wonderful to not have to have a thousand conditional to get different cards to show up! And also the user bit… Lovely!


Hi @thomasloven,

Thanks very much for what you’re doing, state-switch rocks !
A couple of questions:

  • Do you think the same principle could be applied to lovelace views ? (show/hide views based on user)
  • Is the card supposed to work with anything other than tracked devices or users ? For some reason, when I use it with input_booleans ad on/off states, nothing appears.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Making it work with views would be much harder, but I guess official support for that isn’t far away.

The words “on” and “off” have special meaning in yaml. Try using quotes