My Lovelace Plugins


In config yaml

# Custom Component Updater
  show_installable: false
  hide_sensor: false
    - components
    - cards
    - python_scripts

Lovelace yaml

  - type: custom:tracker-card
    title: Custom Card Updates
      - sensor.custom_card_tracker
      - sensor.custom_component_tracker

Or did you mean something else?


That is exactly what I meant and I have that for other cards, but what is the entry for these cards by @thomasloven?



That’s the point. Lovelace expects the huge ui-lovelace.yaml file, but the lovelace/ directory is more easy to manage.

You will get two copies, but if you, e.g. use a version control system, you don’t need to track ui-lovelace.yaml, but only the lovelace/ directory, and you will never have to actually poke around in ui-lovelace.yaml manually - it just has to be there.


understood, thanks.

would have hoped for something like
lovelace: !includedir_merge_named lovelace
to point HA the lovelace groups/views…

tried that, and got no errors, but nothing happened… :wink:

How would I do that ? Is exactly what Id hope for!


EDIT 2019-02-08:
I just got a like on this post, so it seems people are still reading it. If you do, please note that things have changed a bit in the last four months and not everything here is true anymore.

See the documentation.

Lovelace is a (kind of) freestanding thing, that’s not related to your configuration.yaml at all.
Instead it has its own configuration file - ui-lovelace.yaml - see the official documentation.

To use it, you do not add anything to configuration.yaml, not even a lovelace: section - see documentation.

ui-lovelace.yaml can contain !include statements which include one file, nothing else, no !includedir_whatever, only !include - see documentation.

You use the !include statement by typing !include filename.yaml into your ui-lovelace.yaml and it will include filename.yaml at the point where you typed the statement - as explained previously. If you wish to include a file contained in a subdirectory, say mydirectory/myfile.yaml, you type !include mydirectory/myfile.yaml - more info.
Further questions about this are better suited for a separate topic.

Lovelace - !include files

Hi! I like the slider-entity-row a lot. It gives the UI a simple and good look! But if i want to add a switch in the same style (not dimable) how should I do?

UPDATE! I found a way! But i would be great to collect switches and light in the same box.


@thomasloven As mentioned before in this topic, I’m using your fold-entity-row and slider-entity-row Lovelace plugins. I’m using them together and loving them!

But… I would love to align all of the slider-entity-row elements:

  • default slider-entity-row elements
  • slider-entity-row elements used as head for fold-entity-row
  • slider-entity-row elements used as items in a fold

Basically I just want the items that are folded away to align to the left (no empty space in front of them) and have an empty space to the right off all of the rows, except for the one that is the ‘head’ of a fold-entity-row.

In the screenshot below you can see the three different types I’m talking about:

And this is what I want it to look like when the fold-entity-row is opened:

Now, I’ve been trying to override the CSS with an extra stylesheet as mentioned in this topic. This is the CSS I used, but it isn’t working at all.

fold-entity-row #rows slider-entity-row .flex { // or maybe even slider-entity-row .flex
  margin-right: 37px;

fold-entity-row #head slider-entity-row .flex {
  margin-right: 0;

#rows ul {
  padding: 0; // instead of 0 0 0 40px;

So, I was wondering whether this is achievable with card-modder, but it looks like I can only override the ‘–tile-color’ type of styles that are placed in the ‘style’ attribute in the ‘html’ tag of Home Assistant.

Is there a way to do this without actually changing the fold-entity-row.js and slider-entity-row.js files? Because I don’t want to re-apply these overrides everytime I install a new version of these plugins.

Hope you or anyone else can help out.


I really don’t understand why I am not getting an answer to possibly the simplest question I have asked on these forums.

All I want to know is what do I have to add to my config in order to have the tracker card include these plugins?

  show_installable: False
    - components
    - cards
    - python_scripts


I told you that my cards are added by default. If that doesn’t work, I suggest you seek support for the updater/tracker through the appropriate channels.


Thanks, I didn’t realise when you said

that you meant they were included by default, hence my follow up question immediately after. No worries though I am glad I have got to the bottom of it even if it isn’t working for me.

And thanks for these plugins they are great.

Now to try and find out why my tracker card doesn’t seem to work properly!!


Ok, searching the forum for ‘tracker card’ to find the original post so that I could ask why these cards don’t show, I found this in this thread,

@Klagio did you ever find out why and a solution?


No I have not


For what it’s worth, I just installed custom_updater and the tracker-card, and it’s working perfectly for the cards I tested.

  • layout-card
  • popup-card
  • time-input-row
  • card-modder
  • fold-entity-row
  • slider-entity-row
  • state-switch

I had to add a dummy version number and restart hass after adding a new card for it to show up, though.


Ok, I have solved this, kind of.

I added ?v=0.1 to the end of the-url: line in my ui-lovelace.yaml (@thomasloven the docs don’t mention this) refreshed Lovelace and then pressed Check on the tracker card and now the pop up card appears but with a weird version number:



It looks like our messages crossed.
Any idea why I get the strange version number?


That’s all right. It’s the git revision hash. My cards get special treatment so I won’t have to bother with updating a version number all the time…

Edit: And the docs do mention it, but they’re kind of hard to find…


@thomasloven I have a question about popup-card. Would it be possible for the card to display a more-info dialog but another entity? Example. I have switch.light_salon and I want to open more-info dialog of entity after click switch.light_salon icon.


Afraid not. That’s a thing that would best be implemented in core. Feel free to describe your use case here for future reference:


Love those add-on!
question that might sound stupid; how do I add those in the updater? usually, it’s in the readme but couldn’t find it…


Try reading the last few replies to this topic again, like the one three before yours.