My Lovelace Plugins


ok, I feel very stupid now sorry :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about it. I only just found out about this myself (I don’t use the updater) and haven’t gotten around to adding the information to my opening post yet.


Anything wrong with this one? I’m getting uncaught error…

      - type: entities
        title: Lumières maison
          - type: custom:fold-entity-row
              type: section
              label: Bureau                
              - light.bureau_lampe_edison
              - light.lampe_sur_pied
              - light.lumiere_plafond_bureau
              - light.lampe_bureau

***update: never mind, cache issue… not a good day for me lol


Can’t say. Need more of the error. Check the log in your browser.


Would it be possible to fold the items from the monster cards? (fold-entity-row)

    type: custom:monster-card
    show_empty: false
      type: entities
      title: Lumières & fans allumées
        - domain: "light"
          state: 'on'
        - domain: "switch"
          state: 'on'


Is it possible to add a scroll bar to popup-card?


I’m trying to get a card to display a set of entities related to ones which have not been selected on another card and thought that either the conditional or entity-state card might enable this, but just want to check to see if anyone else can figure this out.

I have a list of entities representing lights, which are used to define whether they come on or not at sunset (or set-time). What I want to get is then another card which shows only those corresponding related entities (not the same ones) for control of some automation for holiday purposes. So if a light is selected for the standard lights on at sunset it should not then be part of the holiday sequence.


  • light_1 - on
  • light_2 - off
  • light_3 - off
  • light_4 - on

Conditional card to show

  • input_boolean.light_1_vacation_switch
  • input_boolean.light_4_vacation_switch

The conditional card only allows showing of entities which are part of the condition and entity-select seems to operate in the same way. Any thoughts?


If this is not related to my lovelace plugins, I think you’ll have better luck if you start your own topic…


Fair comment, I raised it here because I wondered if I was misusing the entity-select card, but I’ll raise a separate topic for a wider audience. Hat-tip by the way for some great additional cards, which I use extensively, great work.


I have a problem with input-select within a folding group. If I klick to select an item it opens the more-info dialog of the input-select
any idea why this happens?


Not quite. But I am aware of the problem.


Any information that I can provide or help to solve this issue?


What about my request? :grin::sweat_smile:

It cant show more than the screen:


@gabrielmiranda bit of a noob here but how did you build the popup card to have a TV remote? That’s awesome


Exactly. That’s the intention but I’m having some practical problems. I’m using Lovelace: Button card to do it


I can’t immediately think of a way to solve this, but I’ll keep it in mind if I get any ideas.

If you have a github account, please open an issue there to remind me.


Hmm maybe inject some css through js? I know thats possible but i dont know how to do it.
In chrome I inserted css “overflow-y: auto;” in the ha-more-info-dialog and it worked.


Well, there we go then. I’ll try to add that to popup-card tonight.


Could you maybe show an example of what you have in your ui-lovelace.yaml to get this to work?


Try it now!