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Is the circle-sensor-card still available as custom card?
Till some days ago it was working good, but today i get this:


The code is:

  - type: custom:card-modder
      type: picture-elements
      image: /local/lovelace/images/googlefitmaterialup.png
        - type: custom:circle-sensor-card
          entity: sensor.steps
          max: 10000
          min: 0
          stroke_width: 15
          gradient: true
          fill: '#383C45'
          name: passi
          units: ' '
          font_style: {font-size: 1.1em, color: white, text-shadow: '2px 2px black'}
          color_stops: {1: '#09C7E8', 10000: '#0BDF0E'}
          style: {top: 70%, left: 16%, width: 4em, height: 4em, transform: none}


Try to update the plugin


I already updated card-modder.js


I suggest you ask the author of circle-sensor somewhere else.


Strange is that i get also another custom-card not anymore working after updating your card-modder (simple-thermostat.js)


Do you have the card-tools?

I had a similar issue yesterday and I found that now is needed.


And both of them are susceptible to “cardgate” which caused lots of custom cards to go down the day before yesterday.
simple-thermostat has an update on github, circle-sensor has an open PR to fix it.

Did you try the cards without card-modder?


Yes, just updated simple-thermostat and it’s working now… about circle-sensor i am waiting a reply from the author… I tried also without card-modder but unsuccesfully…


The entity-row one again…
The yellow is because a geo-location event has gone from the list and is no longer available.

Refreshing doesn’t seem to be helping… is there anything I can do to stop this happening?

Actually, the group still has that missing entity in it’s json - it hasn’t dropped from there yet and so the sensor dropped off because it doesn’t exist but the group thinks it’s still there.


Hm… didn’t expect groups with members that change dynamically… I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks. It seems to only refresh when a new entity is added - then the old ones go… but not sure of this. Or maybe it has some kind of fixed polling interval…


it’s possible to hide the media player full row when the devices is off?


With the useful-markdown-card, can it be used to embed a javascript embed piece of code? It doesn’t seem to be rendering anything. It just shows the code. :frowning: I’m wanting to embed a graph from another website.


Okay. So I got it working pretty much. Only set back is as you stated before with background stopping at bottom of last card, (haven’t figured that out yet, but my fix is just fill up one entire column for now). Big plus for me, the select works awesome for both background and cards at the same time. Just made 2 different paths with same root name(the input_select) that are different pics. Will hafta play around with it a bit more, but thanks again this is very cool!!!

Automated test…


When i add:


  • url: /local/slider-entity-row.js
    type: js

to configuration,yaml (and check the config) i get this error:

Configuration invalidCHECK CONFIG

Component not found: resources

I copied slider-entity-row.js to /local (www)…?

I am on HA (python install) V0.86.0b0, lovelace UI



What on earth made you think that would be a good idea?


could you tell me IF i can add slider-entity-row.js to my homeassistant and , if so, how?



By following the instructions i provided.


I’m using slider-entity-row with covers. It works well.

Is there a way to format the % value shown. My cover position values are calculated based on the time of travel. This results in decimal values that look unsightly.



State-switch has been updated to allow you to display different cards in different browsers or on different devices!

This is a breaking change. It now requires card-tools to be installed.