My Lovelace Plugins


Lovelace plugin installation guide

I wrote a guide on how to install, update and debug lovelace plugins.

It can be found here


Can’t test, but I think it’s fixed.


Is this a good place to add a component request? :wink:

I see you have several components related to the old custom UI from @andrey.

Is it possible to create one more that I use quite a bit - the “extra_data_template” functionality?

I put in as request a few days ago in the lovelace ui-schema github but I haven’t heard a peep on it since so I figured I’d throw it out here too if you are receptive.

My thoughts were since Lovelace can’t use templates in the ui-lovelace.yaml file (if I’m wrong on that then please correct me) it would be nice to have a functionality similar to the “seconday_info” field but to be able to pull in from other attributes in an entity. And it would be nice if it could pull in state/attribute information from any entity_id not just the one that this would be added to.

And another thing that would be nice is being able to use either the entity_id or the friendly name in the info line along with the value/state.

I imagine this would work in similar functionality to the slider_entity_row in that you could put it in line or under the entity itself.

here are a couple of screen shots of how i use it now for inspiration:




An example of Lovelace with Custom UI, modder and folding card.


Looks great, mind sharing the code?


He will post an updated version soon based on @thomasloven card-Tools and templateing.



I’ll look into it.


it seems if found a bug with card tools
Some clicks on the second tab are not recognized and I have to click the next tab before I can select my second tab (see attached video)

I have removed all custom cards.
after I added card tools I’ve seen the same issue again
no other custom cards


I think this is an error in 0.85 and will be fixed with 0.86


ah ok.
then I’ll wait for 86 and try it again


0.86 was released seconds ago. So you only have to wait for a couple of hours till it will show up in your home assistant


I have the same issue, though only on pages with cameras and the custom weather card.

This is my main page for example and it refreshes often when I have the custom weather card inserted.

I hope 0.86 will fix that, but the beta broke my mqtt discovery (so I downgraded) hopefully that won’t be an issue on release.


Home Assistant 0.86 has just been released and I have updated

  • card-tools
  • browser-commander
  • card-modder
  • state-switch

To leverage some new functions.

That means the latest version of those plugins will likely ONLY work with Home Assistant version 0.86 or later.


Nice work @thomasloven. I have a bunch of gaps between cards. Will card-tools and card-modder fix this? Also, how long before custom-updater sees these updates? It’s not seeing them for me. :frowning:

UPDATE: Custom updater now sees the updates. :tada:


A few problems I have now. I’ve updated all cards that you posted above.

fold-entity-row just isn’t working. It’s not showing. Not sure what has changed here.

card-modder is now applied styles to cards that have a <hui-xxx-card> card before <ha-card>, so styles are now being applied twice. Screenshot below of Chrome DevTools.


I think it’s because the new card tools requires 0.86 as I’m having the same problem even though I’m on 0.86.0b3 it’s not working for me either and I can’t edit lovelace either.


I get the following error. I did not update to the latest version. What’s more, I made an update to the card-tools.js file

edit: I found the problem

local/custom_ui/card-modder.js:45:20 Uncaught TypeError: is not a function


Same here.
0.86.1, all cards updated.


Well that sucks. I was hoping that was going to fix it (0.86.0). So it’s an issue with the card then… (and new card-tools)


after the update to 86.1 it seems to work now