My Lovelace Plugins


Fold-entity-row has been updated for 0.86. I hope it should work now.


That fixed it… Thanks!


Not sure why it doesn’t work in my case still…
Everything is updated and I’m on 0.86.1
Anything obvious I’m missing?


fold-entity-row should be 6d11d3, but is not shown in the updater.
I updated it manually.


ah ok, thanks that worked!
Any reason the custom updater is not getting the last one?
Should I take it out of it to avoid issues?


No, updater works as expected.
Devs are busy and forget to update a file or something. :wink:


@thomasloven, i’m playing with the browser_commander and the lovelace-reload command.
Thanks once again for this!
The strange thing is, it works not in all views i have.
Looks like it doesn’t work in views with panel mode and the layout-card, but not sure.
Also the debug command to show the id doesn’t work in this views.
In normal views, it works, but all show the following errors in the log.

2019-01-24 14:31:10 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.201901211] TypeError: document.querySelector(...).shadowRoot.querySelector(...).shadowRoot.querySelector(...).shadowRoot.querySelector(...) is null
2019-01-24 14:31:10 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.201901211] TypeError: document.querySelector(...).shadowRoot.querySelector(...).shadowRoot.querySelector(...).shadowRoot.querySelector(...).shadowRoot.querySelector(...).shadowRoot.querySelector(...) is null


I’m using a card-modder

Since last update 0.86.1 there are spaces (marked with arrows). I did an update to the card-modder and * card-tools file I deleted a cache, nothing changed.


Seeing the same in the demo of JimPower.




Should be fixed with new version of card-tools.


Also seems fold-entity-row is stuck on an old version in the custom card tracker.

I had to wget the latest to get 86.0 happy.


WORKS! Awesome!


Back in business!! Everything is working great again.

Thanks again for your hard work @thomasloven.



Like, a day or so after I had posted this, @ljmerza made one that’s about a million times better: Light Entity Card

I will not be supporting this anymore. Use his one instead.



This is still in the really early stages of development, but I think this might be my first card that actually looks like something, and does something to your devices… (except possibly toggle-lock-entity-row…)

Anyway. It’s a color wheel that lets you pick a color for your lights without opening up the more-info dialog…

Expect bugs. In fact, I haven’t actually tested it outside of my dev setup…


The options for the card are a mess on github… no formatting…


hi @thomasloven

I am trying to use the custom:vertical-stack-in-card in 0.86.1. Do I have to download the appropriate files to my config/www folder ? or does it come preloaded in 0.86?





Perhaps you should ask @ofek.ashery, who made vertical-stack-in-card…
But you could also read this guide
Or perhaps take a guess what the prefix custom: might imply about whether it’s included by default or not.


thanks for your help @thomasloven

@ofek.ashery and the only reason I asked is because I get this error when I try and use the custom:vertical-stack-in-card:

YAML Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'startsWith' of undefined