My Lovelace Plugins


Hi Thomas,
Your custom cards are absolutely awesome! May I ask about feature request:

  • Say, I have monster-card that filters out some entities.
  • I’d like to apply a custom popup-card on each of these entities
  • In popup I’d like to display:
    – history-graph card displaying current entity’s state changes with custom interval (10 days)
    – useful-markdown-card displaying text containing current entity’s attributes

Config might be smth like this:

 -  type: custom:monster-card
      type: entities
        - entity_id: sensor.prefix*

  - type: custom:popup-card
      - <same entities defined in monster. filtered with wildcard?>
      type: vertical-stack
        - type: history-graph
          hours_to_show: 240
            - <entity_id displayed in the popup>
        - type: custom:useful-markdown-card
          content: 'More details: [[ sensor.<entity_id displayed in the popup>.attributes.Attribute ]]'

Hope explanation abode makes sense. What could you advice?


@cjsimmons I will not “hijack” @thomasloven 's thread, if you want more info about it please open an issue in one of the repos for it :slight_smile:


You could try this:


That’s an interesting project.

Unfortunately monster-card (or my reimplementation auto-entities) can’t be used to create one card per entity due to layouting concerns.

If I were to do it, I’d probably try to make some kind of jinja script that could design the popup-cards automatically based on a for-loop over all entities, run it in /dev-template and then copy the results into the lovelace config.


@thomasloven - can fold-entity-row be made to ‘fold’ or ‘un-fold’ from code?

For example, I have more than one instance of using a schedule when an input_boolean is on.
It would be great to be able to keep the schedule part of the UI ‘folded’ or ‘un-folded’ based on the state of the input_boolean.


I usually recommend that people use the conditional card instead.


Yeah, I thought of that. A conditional folding card would be cool though :wink:

EDIT: Just in case you want to know exactly why I’d like it here is what I am working on right now…


It would be great if turning on the Boolean unfolds the entites.

Thanks for looking and whatever, I am loving your cards…


Great plugin! i do have a request tho… for the fold-entity-row

Is it possible to align the items under the fold as the same as the rest outside of it?

I hope you know what i mean by looking at the pics…

IMO i think it will look a lot neater. Especialy when controlling from mobile





Do you know how to get rid of this error (started when I switched from the markdown card to the useful-markdown-card):
element.setconfig is not a function

All the cards on the page produce the same error. Error go away but then come back after a few browser refreshes.

Maybe this is another clue: the padding option does nothing and sometimes the padding automatically switches between 0px and what looks like 16px.


I move the card’s resource URL call from the bottom to the top and now the errors went away:

  - url: /local/custom-lovelace/useful-markdown-card/useful-markdown-card.js?v=0
    type: js
  - url: /local/custom-lovelace/mini-media-player/mini-media-player.js?v=0.9.8
    type: module
  - url: /local/custom-lovelace/tracker-card/tracker-card.js?v=0
    type: js
  - url: /local/custom-lovelace/compact-custom-header/compact-custom-header.js?v0
    type: js
  - url: /local/custom-lovelace/monster-card/monster-card.js?v=1
    type: js
  - url: /local/custom-lovelace/vertical-stack-in-card/vertical-stack-in-card.js?v=0.0.9
    type: js

The padding issue still exists.


That’s because of a problem in vertical-stack-in-card. I made a special card specifically for dealing with that: My Lovelace Plugins


@thomasloven Am I right in believing that fold-entity-row doesn’t use unit_of_measurement when it displays an input_number?

I ask because it doesn’t show up for me.

EDIT: There must have been some sort of cache issue going on because it appears now :roll_eyes::thinking:


Great work! Love the plugins!

Got a question: is it possible to use a history graph in a folding entity row?


Why not just try it and see what happens


I did try, but cannot get it to work. Maybe I overlooked something, hence my question… If it isn’t possible than I can stop trying :slight_smile:


Try type: custom:hui-history-graph-card in items:

And next time, please also show what you tried.


Thanks, I will try that. And next time I will show what I’ve tried. (I tried to use the -type: history-graph, but that didn’t work)


Just a big “Thank you!” for your great work !


I finally had time to set up and use the browser-commander card and I would like to say Thanks…again! Totally awesome and have some great ideas for this plugin. @thomasloven I have couple of questions if I may…

  • Is there any way to designate the screen location the popup shows,? for example = top: 87%; left: 23%…ideally to have more than one popup at a time if needed(if that is even possible). Right now, when I try 2 different ones, the second opens over the first one.

  • Would it possible to have the large: true popups start at the very top of browser?

  • I can only get the picture-glance card to open large sized if I open a more-info large popup first, which almost works, but the bottom of card the entities are not on the screen and scrolling moves the main view and not the popup.
    …more-info (bottom of image cuts off)

    …picture-glance (only shows if ‘title:’ is used. Shows nothing without title).

    …picture-glance opened after a more-info entity large sized, (icons for switches not visible)

    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!



Is there a way to hide a timer entity when it is ‘idle’ using the state- switch card?