My Lovelace Screens - Keeping it Simple

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Been messing around with Lovelace for the first time and I think I’m in a good spot. Wanted to keep everything simple with minimal amount of pictures on the dash so all information is quickly understood.

The only custom Lovelace cards I used were the Mini Graph Card and Mini Media Player Card.

My YAML and config can be found on my git.


Looks nice…

I see you got your picture locations worked out…


Yep! Everything works very smoothly with great accuracy.

Just need to start thinking about more automation to take advantage of rather than just lighting.


@SneakyPie we’re working on updating the Home Assistant demo on the website and would love to include parts of your config. Would you want to contribute the config of 2 or 3 tabs for the demo? Instructions how to contribute can be found here


Absolutely. I’ll get something together for you all soon.


@SneakyPie I’ve added your room presence detection example from your wiki but am finding that my phones bluetooth is constantly setting my presence as away which is not updating the presence correctly. It just remembers the last room I was in until I refresh the bluetooth connection with the settings app. Which phones are you using and do you find that its connecting and keeping the connection active?


We both have Pixel 3s and we always have a constant connection as long as we’re in range of one of the Google Homes.

Does your phone have BLE? If so, I’ve heard that the Smart Things app will force BLE on at all times. You don’t have to have any Smart Things equipment, just make an account and enable the BLE to always be active.


@SneakyPie ya i’m using an iPhone X which might be the issue as i’m sure they are doing some throttling to save battery. I have smartthings app. Is there anything in particular I need to go to or enable?


Yeah, I’ve heard people with iPhones will have a lot of difficulty with this.

I personally don’t use the Smart Things app, but I would imagine it’s tucked away in some connection settings somewhere. It may not show in the iOS app though.