My-Network Configuration File

This is out of curiosity that I ask this since I have not found much information on the final process of doing this. When I built my Pi 3 with HASSIO I put the “my-network.txt” on to a USB drive during the boot up which worked great putting a static IP on the system. I am using the Eth0 port which seem to be working great. The question I have is once I build it can I remove the USB or do I need to continue to live it plugged in just in case it reboots? I noticed it removes the file from the USB so I was thinking it added the information on to the system permanently or am I wrong? Just checking since I have not seen much direction on it.

You can remove it.

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Thanks for the information on that.

To give a fuller answer it is copied onto the hassio sd card and therefore can be removed, sorry for the cryptic reply last time.

Thanks that is what I figured happened.