My new automatons are not showing in the front end

i’ve just added two new automatons and altered my groups.yaml but nothing has changed on my front end and the new automatons dont show up.

have i missed something ?

Did you reload your automations or restart for it to take effect?

Hi piggyback,

Yeah I reloaded my automatons.yaml and groups.yaml. Even restarted home assistant twice but nothing has changed…

I wasn’t sure if it was something that’s changed in the new update or just me being silly and missing something.

If you switched to lovelace, you have to manually add them.

As far as I know I haven’t, how can I check if I have switched unintentionally?

Look in the url in your browser. Does it contain the word lovelace?

Or look at the dev-info page. If you are in lovelace it will offer the option to switch to states page (ie the old interface). If you are in states page, it will offer a link to go to the lovelace page.

That’s it sorted! Thank you… No idea how I got it to lovelace but its back now…

Now to do some research on how to use lovelace and if it’ll be better for me.

Thanks again

when you did the update to v86 lovelace became the default ui. so if you didn’t do anything other than update then you have been on lovelace for two releases already. you probably didn’t notice because when it switched to lovelace it automatically created a view that was substantially like your old ui.