My New Motion integration EV Charging from Shell newmotion

I’d love an integration with the newmotion app to create sensor of my home charging of my EV car (VW ID4 but that doesnt matter)

they seem to have the API available
When i am logged in to the site i can see charging status with this url: so the API is there

litte more digging found this link:

tried to find the URL so i could get the values with a CURL command but there is also a login required so this would get a lot like “tape and rope” as we say in dutch

to bad i am not a programmer, perhaps some up for the challenge?

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Any luck? The new motion chargers are horrible.

Poor support, no smart features (although they advertise them)

Sorry no… my hope whas that someone would get enthousiastic by the provided link to the homey plugin and convert it to homeassistant… or something like that…

I think I have partly what you’re looking for. I created a NodeJS app that can retrieve all the info you want. It’s using the MNM.js library from Homey, the only thing is that I have no clue how to turn this into a proper integration for home assistant.

Repo here: GitHub - Siumba/NewMotionAPI

I have made a nodered flow which is hooked up to homeassistant and seems to work fairly reliably…

Hi Edwin, Can you share what you exactly created in nodered? I’ve also a newmotion charge point at home and would like to automate it using home assistant.

Hi Jg_smart. If I had it I would but guess we will have to ask 35e for this one since he posted the comment about the nodered flow

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@35e would be great to get some guidance

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I have put the flow up here.

You’ll need to put your Shell Recharge website username and password in the indicated node.

Sending any payload to the MQTT topic


will start a charge, to


will stop the charge and to


will reset the charging equipment.

It will send status messages to


Maybe a bit rough around the edges but I’ve HA set up like this…

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Thank you so much. I’ll need to educate myself a bit it seems as node red is new to me

Is it also possible to distill the power used? E.g charging at 8 kwh

Hi 35e, great you’re sharing this. I’m going to try your implementation and share any feedback from my side. I’ll keep you all posted. Best Regards

Tnx 35e.
This works great.
Now i can start/stop the charge point.

i’ve updated this flow on to make it a bit less stupid.

Functionalities still the same or did you change something?

works just the same and fixes some problems which had been making it fail for me.

Can you maybe tell in which node i have to put in my shell recharge login and passwd? When i put it in de configuration node (and i replace to text) i do not get a token and it fails.

it is working :slight_smile:
can you also tell me if there is a possibility to start charging automatiically at a certain hour if the cable is plugged into the car? I normally start charging around 11:00pm.


i am sure you can-- i have done this in nodered by wiring the ‘start’ mqtt node to an eztimer node which starts charging overnight when the EV electricity tariff starts. no idea how to do this inside home assistant itself, though.

First, thanks @35e nice node-red integration.
But maybe i’m to dumb, but how can i access the nodes over the “overview/dashboard” i couldn’t find an entity.

Oeda, some ideas here.