My NFC implant with Home Assistant

Hello HA community,

Just a little background. I have a RFID/NFC chip implanted in my hand. I’ have been looking for ways to authenticate myself with home assistant when scanned and other uses as well. The tag can have multiple records on it but usually the first record is the one that the reader acts upon. For example, if I have 3 records, a record that has my phone number, a record that has a URL to a video and a record that would connect you to my Wi-Fi. The reader will only act on the first record and initiate a call. So you have to reprogram the tag if you want it to act on the other 2 records.

The only way I have come up to give a little more flexibility was to use the tags in multiple way without reprogramming is to place a custom URL in the first record and use home assistant to trigger automations when the tag is scanned and also depend on an input select entity to decide what would happen when scanned. I accomplish this by using node red. This URL is a custom ‘business card’ page. That takes care of having my phone number and other info on the tag itself and also allows the person to save that info however they please by bookmarking or their browser history.

To be clear I did not program the tag using home assistant or the companion app. I have a custom URL as the first record on my implant. But I do have a tag registered on home assistant that I trigger in Node red when the URL is visited.

Some neat thing that happen when my tag is scanned:

  • A notification is sent to my phone (placeholder for triggering automations when I am in certain places)
  • Visitor info (IP, GeoData, User Agent, Mobile or not) is saved and presented as a sensor in home assistant. This is similar to what grabify does.
  • By changing the MODE input select entity, it changes the desired operation of the tag. I can have as many options here as I want. I could have this change by an automation as well which gives my tag a very dynamic use.

If anyone is interested in how I did this in detail or what I plan to do next please reply to this post.


Just got introduced to HA recently, and wondered if there was a way to have my implant trigger things, glad to see it’s possible! Up until now, it’s basically been a party trick (I have it set to rickroll anyone that scans it).