My own icons

hello, I’m new here.
My name is Gerben and i have a homey connected to my raspberry pi 3
with hassio.

Now i have a set of icons local i wanna use for the devices.
but it doesn’t work.
i have a folder called www
in the folder are te icons with png extension.
But nothing happens.

I editted my customize.yaml
Bit nothing works

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is your www in the config folder? Also what I do for icons is i put /local/icon.png if i put icon.png in the www folder. There is probably a better way but I hope this helps.

Edit: also welcome im sort of new but i still dont know how to do really anything

You need to give more information for us to be able to help you.

What do you mean “nothing works”?

What have you tried? post some code that you’ve tried to get working but isn’t.

Where did you create the www folder?

The www folder is were my yamfiles are
When i try in the config ui edit my sensor
The part with icon and place there the text: /config/kwh.png and i reboot
Then the base icon is away but there is no new icon

Assuming you are using hassos then I think it should be

icon: /local/kwh.png

I have done that but no icon appears.

Place kwh.png into www folder. As @nickrout said, accessing it will be /local/kwh.png

Second, if you are using customize.yaml, then you need to place the png location in the entity_picture field, not the icon. Icon is used for built-in mdi icons only.

  entity_picture: /local/kwh.png

i do this here are screenshots:

here my folder structure

and here the png files

No. Do not use the icon spot. It’s not an icon. It’s entity_picture, like I said before.

o wow thanks it works.

but what means the icon sector what i used for?

See previous comment.


Thanks for the help.

Okay one question,

I have the icons set.
But is it possible to make them bigger?

Its not working for me, but I do get the question mark icon, so the JS is being read. What svg types work, what size, etc are proven to work? Well done for working on this, I hope to use it for a few icons I’ve got.

The Icons from the Hue Icon Pack (which also the question mark icon is part of) work fine for me. Have not tried others as i primarily wanted to use the hue icons.

have a look at if you’re interested in the Hue icons, @arallsopp is actively updating this resource, and the icons are beautiful

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Hey! Thanks @Mariusthvdb. There are over 200 icons in the pack now, including more than 140 custom icons created especially for the HA community. Always good to hear it being used.

I have tried a lot, but it does not work. Can enybody help me?
This is what is in my configuration.yaml


entity_picture: /local/nibe-logo.png```

nibe-logo.png is in the config/www directory.

This is what I get back:
expected a dictionary for dictionary value @ data['customize']

What do I wrong?

This better:

entity_picture: /local/nibe-logo.png

Invalid config for [panel_custom]: [entity_picture] is an invalid option for [panel_custom]. Check: panel_custom->panel_custom->0->entity_picture. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 178).