My pc as media player

I want to no if I can use my pc as a media player, from home assistant point of view.
I would like to be able to play mp3 file from home assistant.
My home assistant is on docker ubuntu and my pc is on Window.
Many thanks for your help !!
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Maybe something like this?

I have not tried but am interested.
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Many thanks for your reply,
but in finality I would like to be able to play with text to speech.
What kind of windows software I can install on the pc to play with tts (text to speech)
Many thanks !
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TTS is separate home assistant integration that will play through any configured media player.

thanks for your reply,
I have one Windows Pc and one linux machine ( on docker)
What kind of software I can install in the pc to be a media player from point of view of home assistant ?

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As long as you have home assistant open in a web browser on the device you could use this:

Do we need to say it louder? music player daemon.

TTS typically returns an mp3 ( in my experience) therefor any media player daemon will work, such as…MPD.