My perception of a single-page dashboard ( WIP )

Hello everyone!

I’d like to share my creation of a Sideview 2D dashboard.

After automating most of my house I still had the desire to install a dashboard suited to both read day-2-day information as well as interacting with the house.

I came to this solution after many attempts to create a clear, complete overview in a single dashboard.

Having a hobby-background in design I also wanted it to look, at least, decent. :wink:
It’s installed on my kitchenwall on an ipad with permanent power-source.

I’ve taken quite some inspiration from other concepts and kept it all to a minimum with maximum clarity.

The code is not available as yet, i’m looking into making this a share-able template. But this can be tricky since no house is the same and I’m not having much technical background.

95% of what you see was created with button cards and a lot of creativity.

The concept:

The sideview 2D dashboard uses ‘tiles’ which each represent a room or zone in our house.

Each tile has a variable background-color ( greytones ) which determines how much natural daylight is measured. The lighter the grey, the more light in the room.

Room Temperatures of each room are shown at the bottom & motion-detection in a room/zone will cause the whole tile to blink twice.

The icon of the tile will light up gold/yellow once the (main) lights are switched on.

The lights can be simply managed by; a) single pressing a tile for toggle on/off b) press and hold for advanced options.

> I only use this as a fallback as most of the lights are managed automatically.

I’ve included some other smart-devices into the dashboard as well, such as: smart locks, covers, tv, washingmachine, doorsensors, climate control etc.

Some of which are animated.

After sunset the visual appeal will change to a night-scene; allowing control of our garden lights as well.

I’ve not included our audio-system since this is being controlled on the main dashboard.

What I still want to make:

  • Making a mobile-friendly version

  • Include weather/seasons in the theme

  • Design/ux tweeks

Hope this can be of value to others. :slight_smile:




It looks very nice. Thank you for sharing! Hope to see a template.

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Thanks for sharing Mike, looks beautiful :heart_eyes: and exactly what I need on my wall.
Any chance you can do a little tutorial how you have done it, especially the 2D picture of the house and how you configured the button cards at different positions.

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Thanks! Yes I’ll look into that and will share it here

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Looks really good, I like it.