My PR is not getting reviewed - what am I missing?


a month ago I submitted a PR for a media_player platfrom I created (
I also added a PR for the documentation (
I tried to follow the steps outlined on, but as it’s my first attempt to contribute code to HA, I might have missed something there.

My code worked fine at the time of submission and while the PR was sitting there, I added some new features and fixed some bugs I found.

At one point, I updated my branch with the latest upstream changes which might not have been the greatest idea as all the changed files now show up in my PR as well.
I’m not sure how to fix that without breaking anything, though :-?

So as both PRs have not been reviewed for a month, I’m getting the feeling that I still missed something I was supposed to do.

It would be great if someone could take the time, have a look at the “mess” and maybe guide me through fixing it.


There is no magic advice.

In general it is better not to update for upstream unless there are conflicts. I’m not sure how to fix your branch now (try asking on dev channels on discord)

Thanks for responding!

I updated my repository because I thought this would keep it in line with the continuing development in the upstream branch.
I wasn’t aware that this would add the updated files to my PR.
Seeing that it did, I think I now understand how it works a little bit better.
It should be possible to revert the last change, but that requires some reading…
Also, I’m not even sure I remember what git commands I ran to get to this point.

Maybe it’s best I close the PR and start fresh…


Ive been in that situation a few times. I usually hit the nuclear button and create a fresh PR

Thanks, I’ll keep that as the last option :wink:
I managed to revert the changes to my repo, so the PR looks mostly clean now (aside from a minor issue that I’m going to fix tomorrow).


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