My Ring Doorbell


My son purchased a Ring Doorbell for my wife and I for Xmas. He then installed it for us and it works great UNTIL Ring shut off the video and advised me that I would have to pay a monthly fee to see the security footage. I don’t want to do that.

While I know very little about computer programming, is there a way to get the video from the Ring device into my home computer. My son purchased the original Ring because it was on sale, so not the latest model.

If you answer, i will liely have followup questions which you will regard as stupid. Please excuse this ahead of time.

Thank you for any help you can offer.



Read the lower half of this;

edit: Actually, after looking into it myself, that documentation isn’t very clear. I put together a package that should be able to download the last video.

Thank you. I am not exactly a smart person on coding so:

Put this, un-commented, in a folder named ‘python_scripts’ at the root of your home assistant config.

Question 1: Where is my home assistant configuration located?

Also create a folder named ‘ring’ in ‘www’

Do you mean "create a folder in my “Bookmarks”?

I need to get Step 1 out of the way before I can even attempt Step 2.

Thank you so much for your help!


Question 0: What version of Home Assistant are you using?

Thanks. I don’t have raspberry pi so I have not installed Home Assistant as of yet. I was trying to see if it can be loaded to my Windows 8 Dell personal computer, but I haven’t been able to determine that as of yet from the website. I don’t want to download anything until I understand what I’m doing.

This is a package meant to be used with Home Assistant.

Hi. I stumbled upon this thread as I have the same inquiry. First of all, the previous post from “doorbellissues” is in horribly poor taste. Secondly, this is directed at the folks just starting out with Home Assistant (or Linux in general) whenever someone says to “uncomment” something, it’s just a techy, fancy way of saying remove the pound sign.

Now…I tried to follow along, but failed. I am on version 102.1. I’m not certain where to place the python script. I thought the py script would go into a folder called “components” then “ring,” but I keep getting errors. If anyone has further insight (or post an updated code to use within the UI, if possible), that’d be great.

Thanks for reading.

Per the docs:

You put the python script in <config>/python_scripts/

Aha…thank you. Somehow it didn’t occur me to search. I may return if I still can’t make it work.

Thanks again.

Thanks Phil! For this to work, does my Ring doorbell need to be connected to Ring Cloud which is not in my case.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if this still works. In the past couple versions the Ring integration has changed
( and I no longer have one myself to test.