My steps to success for on Intel NUC

Anyone here have any interest moving over to HassOS? worth it?

Yes but we are still waiting on them to release the images for NUC

They have received all the donations for the NUC hardware to start developing, hopefully we will get the images soon.

Thanks. I will try it when I get home tonight.

Dell that didn’t go so well. After removing the usb-memory it boots but gets stuck at “started update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes”

So any tips on what to do? I don’t seem to be able to use alt+f2 to get around the issue.

Fredrik Buchanan

HA would have depreciated the necessary files that get downloaded with that image so it will no longer work, sorry. Seems Hassos for NUC is not far away so you’ll either have to wait for that or install Linux on the NUC and go that route?

I don’t understand the attraction of running HassOS on a NUC. What am I missing?
I did a straight Debian install and loaded docker and then used the generic linux install for Why does everyone so badly want a HassOS image? That makes no sense to me. What am I missing?


It’s the add-ons that are the attraction. For those that aren’t coding gurus, adding SSH, MQTT, Tasmoadmin, UniFi controller etc is dead easy with hassio/hassos.

That doesn’t explain why you want to run HassOS! You get all that with which you can install in Docker now… (complete with all the add-ons etc) I am doing exactly this as per my previous post.

Totally agree, I have Ubuntu 18.04 running on my NUC and it’s rock solid. I have had to replace several SD cards on my Pi over the last year or so, and it’s a real pain. Put an SSD in the NUC and the performance boost over a Pi will blow you away.

The installation script

will work with pretty much any docker installation in any linux distro. I’ve tested it in ubuntu desktop, server and debian desktop, server.

I get that there is another way to install and it really makes more sense to do the docker route but there used to be an image for Hassio (based on resin) that you could install (as the op talked about above) without any need to install any linux distro / docker software. It was simple, it works, was great for people that didn’t want additional steps involving multiple software, which is kind of the same reason hassio was developed over HASS.

I will likely move to docker install soon, I really want to learn that side and get more involved. I think its good to have choices.

I cant see any benefits other than ease between the two methods.

The thing is I don’t understand you would cripple a NUC so it can only run and it’s add-ons… sure it will be a bit faster but will still be limited to and it’s addons!

Spoiler alert… even with ResinOS and HassOS it is still using Docker…

Also, once you have installed Ubuntu/Debian, it’s one command to install docker and then one command for the script…


Why am I crippling my Celeron NUC I bought it to be faster running Hassio and Node red (which it is), it cost the price of 3 pis with an SSD and 4GB of ram, I am running everything I want to run.

I run Hassio, unifi controller, Node red, SSH, Samba, Magic mirror, DuckDNS, Pi hole.

What else do I REALLY need to run outside of hassio addons that would be worth my purchase in your opinion ?

What benefits would I achieve running ubuntu/docker hassio ? (other than the learning process)

Ive weighed up for me personally and I don’t see any need to change the way i have hassio installed other than the learning process

That’s fine if it works for you. The point is you CAN’T run anything else whether you want to or not! (Now or next week!)

Yep works for me.

Well you can as long as there is an addon for it…even not now but maybe there will be one made next week.

Last time I tried, it didn’t work with Alpine Linux.

Which doesn’t require HASSOS/RESINOS to accomplish…

I think the point is, say you come across some really cool project on the forums/reddit…and you want to install something OUTSIDE of the walled garden that HASSOS provides. You simply will not be able to. You will be at the mercy of someone creating an add-on for it. This doesn’t make sense to me to cripple hardware by limiting what you can run on it.

For me the reason was to also use PLEX incl. HW encoding. The hassio addon does not support that yet. In theory all the custom dockers you can install on your own, could potentially also be made into a hassio addon… but i have no idea how to do that yet. So i went the route of Ubuntu and Docker on NUC. HOWEVER, setting it up was a pain… if you need some pointers read “my Journey” including the steps i required to make it work:

If there is something I really really want my hardware isn’t crippled it’s the software… I’ll just install the Linux route / on my nas running docker / spin up a old pi 3.

Although so far since installing on my nuc I have no need to do this.

Everyone has a different use case.

Dear xbmcnut,

Which Image file in Hassio image list you use for NUC?