My system monitor does not get into influxdb


I have set up my HA with data to influxdb, which work great. How ever I do not get the values from my system monitor into influxdb. E.g memory_use_percent.
I can se it in the UI, under history, but not in influxdb/grafana.

Any help to why it does not get loaded?

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Did you ever resolve this issue?

Edit: I’ve figured it out, my query was wrong.

Rather than, like for most things you query, doing this:

SELECT mean("value") FROM "autogen"."sensor.processor_use"

You need to do this

SELECT mean("value") FROM "autogen"."%" WHERE ("entity_id" = 'processor_use')

If you’re using the visual query editor then you need to change from to autogen, click select measurement and choose % and then you click the + next to WHERE, choose entity_id and then select the sensor you want to read the data from.

Here’s a screenshot to clarify:

Thank you , that did the trick. I would have thought I did that before, but it works now :slight_smile: