My system tanked this morning Help recovering!

I am running in a VM on proxmox. this morning the system was not responding so I looked at the hyper-visor and the system was at 98% cpu. I had not mad many changes in several days so I rebooted the VM and never came back. I can console in to the underlying linux os but none of the docker commands work to investigate the system. how do I go about finding the config files? I can stand up a new instance just fine but I have som many custom scripts, rebuilding will be a nightmare… does anyone have any advice??

Do you have any snapshots? Restoring would then be easy!

I figured it out, it the time I had been on a script built version of Hass-io on Debian that I have been running for 18 months. the reboot added a ton of logs to the underlying OS and clearing those logs fixed this issue and showed me that I needed to move to HassOS for easier management.