My way how to use Atom Echo and finally make Google Home in Czech

Home Assistant Assist & Atom Echo

Video example:

Description: GitHub - mirecekd/atoms-for-girls: M5Stack Atom Echo mic and Google repros as speaker with two Home Assistant Assists


How did you setup the dummy media player you are using?

I like the idea off google announcing the respond, and the input device (atom) being silent.

But I can’t figure out how you did :sweat_smile:

Simple one - remove all speaker mentions from esphome config :slight_smile:

Echo will be silent, but finally you need to forward voice (x in function on_tts_start) to any of your media_player.

I am using dummy player and approach by @TheFes described here: Send picture and text to display on Google Nest Hub while sending TTS

More simple setup would be (if you dont have Hub) just send x to your homeassistant.service not to script as I need to.