My web UI-based add-ons throw a 401 error after I disabled SSL: help!

I enabled SSL by importing the keys and adding them to the configuration.yaml. Then I decided to disable it (for reasons I won’t get into). Now that I’ve reverted the configuration, my integrations throw a 401 error (401: Unauthorized). The system works fine via non-SSL and I can also ssh in, but the window-based add-ons including Visual Studio don’t work (401). I rebooted the hardware, reinstalled the integrations, but I am stuck. I believe that somewhere some component is remembering that it likes SSL. There is no mention of https or keys in my configuration.yaml now. The visual studio log clearly says “Not serving HTTPS”. I do see an error in my logs as follows:

Source: components/hassio/
Integration: Home Assistant Supervisor 
Last logged: 9:46:33 AM
/ingress/validate_session return code 401


/root/ssl exists, but is empty.

OS Version: Home Assistant OS 9.5
Home Assistant Core: 2023.1.7

This is too bizarre for words, but clearing cookies and cache on my browser fixed the problem. I’d swear it was an internal redirection error, but I guess something in some cookie was the cause.

Thanks. Have the same problem, just disabling the http part in the config trying to revert to non-TLS. Switched back to use https and started to look for a solution and found your post.
As you say, very bizarre behavior. I’ll try your cleaning procedure…