My wifes iPhone doesnt update gps, battery level etc


So i have mobile app on my phone and my wifes phone.

But wifes phone is almost never update gps location, battery level etc. They are set up identical and giving the exact same permissions on OS level.

Heres today, why does this happen? They have full gps, and access to everything, tried for over a week and reinstalling app etc, but does not help.

On the iPhone, the app needs to be configured to always allow location access. This will randomly trigger, at any given time, a warning popup on the iphone saying “Home Assistant has been using your location in the background, do you want to let it,”

My wife would hit no since it sounded “scary” and her phone would stop updating the location. When I finally told her you need to hit always allow, I stopped having issues.

As i wrote in the original post.
“They are set up identical and giving the exact same permissions on OS level.”

Allways permission has been given, and have allways been enabled.

That also doesnt explain why battery level is never updated. See my picture.

I realize that, but the point is that an option pops up randomly to the user to revoke that permission at any time. Once the app stops working in the background and is put to sleep, it generally stops updating everything, including the battery, and you will get the exact result “seen in your picture”.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask the user of that phone, “hey do any weird pop-ups come up, and what do you click when you see them?” To rule this out.

Short of that, are there any log errors around the phone, and have you checked the event log in the iPhone app itself by going to app configuration, debugging, event log for issues?

That is correct, i made my wife allways says allways allow when those appear. As i did with my phone, a quick trip in the settings on here phone says “tillatelse for plassering → allways” and “bakgrunnsoppdatering/background update” = Active.

Checking the log, it seems fine (its in norwegian) but basicly it says if some siginificant update has occured its pulling that, etc. however in HA the device tracker is allways showing as home. And have been for 3 days. Even though we have been gone and done stuff each day.

Guess i need to try icloud3 again or something

Some pictures

Where it says “didn’t update: ignoring during one shot”, can you click that to get the extra details and post the screenshot from that?

It looks like the phone is detecting the location changes but failing to make the connection back to home assistant to update it.

Please look at Mobileapp integration. if there are doubled phones (the same name) it might be reason why it doesn’t work.

Not the same no, or tracker names

Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 21.58.45 Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 21.59.08

These two happened almost at the same time, its even fetching new battery info, but not updating inside the home assistant ui. Really strange.

If the phone is off the wifi and on the cell network, can you access home assistant from it to control things through the app? If not check that the internal url, external url, and ssid are configured properly.

If this event happened outside the home ssid should say “none”.

I recall having an issue with the internal url and ssid with the ios app in the past. I dont even configure an internal url and ssid and just use the external url which links to my duckdns address. Also make sure you specify https in the external url.

If this doesn’t fix it, are you using VPN, reverse proxy, I r nabu casa for external access to further troubleshoot those?

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Have a beer on me, for some reason the external url was missing, and it was just set to internal url.

Thank you a lot mwav3

Should work tomorrow when she is leaving.

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Sorry for jumping in, I have a similar issue with my iPhone and location not updating.

The location history shows changes. The geocoded entity shows locations. But I’m only ever ‘home’ or ‘away’, I’m never in zones I’ve created.

I can control HA while on cellular. But my app or phone just doesn’t seem to deal with zones! Zones is turned on in location settings, everything is turned on.

Do you have any ideas what I can try to fix this? Thank you!