My Yahoo Finance Not Updating my Stocks Today

Pretty simple config - but no matter what I do no stocks updating today. Anybody else seeing that?



I’m not an expert, but shouldn’t the stock market be closed on Whit Monday ? So I guess it’s normal that there is no update…

Nope - It’s open today.

This is common for Yahoo components. I used to have a nice stocks card but between that and Yahoo Weather, I got sick of having to clear out error messages.

Started working last night after I rebooted (and the market closed) … but, not working again today. Any other way to get some stock quotes?

You could probably use the scraper sensor or maybe RSS feed of Google finance to cobble one together but I never tried.

i am experiencing similar issues - not getting stock information from today

I suspect that Yahoo, as they are wont to do, has screwed the API again so it’s unusable. I have run a script on a stand-alone Pi for two years getting quotes, but it recently stopped working altogether. I had a similar issue with Yahoo weather, getting temp forecasts for my sprinkler system, but they shut down that API

I heard that Yahoo Finance API had been already been discontinued.
MarketXLS would be the best alternative.
They have regular updates and customer support unlike yahoo.
It cost a little but it will save you more time.
Hope it helps.