My Z-wave assistant broke and i need to reset my fibaros' switches


I had the eedomus controller and it’s broken. I had like 10 fibaro switches connected to it and i need to reset them. Models FGS-222 v2.2 [relay switch] and FGS-223 v3.2 [double switch].

How I can reset the fibar switches connection and configuration to connect them into a new z-wave controller?

Need help, quite new to this type of switches.

It is mentioned in the userguide.
You need to press the black button on the devices itself:

After that you can pair the devices again

Hi there,

I did this in without any luck.

Do I have to connect the switch to electricity or not?
How do I connect the switch to electricity to do this?
Do I need a new zwave controller to do it?


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