My Z-Wave crapped out

So i updated Z-Wave to 1.6 with Z-Wave JS to MQTT. No issue there. Everything was working. Suddenly the lights stopped working thru HA so looked at things. Restarted HA. Logs show nothing, the GUI shows all the light switches there but grayed out.


If I try and flip the main switch I get in the logs:

2021-12-04 13:55:58 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.service] Unable to find referenced entities light.basement_sump_pump_light
2021-12-04 13:55:58 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.service] Unable to find referenced entities switch.basement_crawlspace_light_switch, switch.basement_light_switch, switch.basement_sink_light_switch

In Z-WavsJS to MQTT (Not using MQTT) it shows:

So looks like it’s saying everything is is unknown or something. The Z-Stick shows when I dmesg it in Linux and looks like it’s there in the Z-Wave to MQTT console I guess.

Though I do have an item or two that looks like it’s returning something because the below temp comes from a Fibaro flood sensor:


If I look at a random item shows it’s Unknown and the switch grayed out.

If I go into Integrations and look at the Z-Wave JS Entities list I see a bunch of “restored” items.

Think I’m dead in the water as I also restored a virtual from a few days ago and still no joy. Any thoughts?

Look at HA logs. Does it show Zwave connection issues.

You can try refreshing the integration or restart Zwavejsmqtt

Zwavejsmqtt is separate from Ha
So if you can control at zwaveJS but HA not working it would seem websocket connection is broken

I pulled out my Z-Wave stick and plugged it back in and came back.