My zigbee mesh network is totally out of control and very unstable, some idea how to fix it?

Hello before HA I used smart life with several routers, because I have over 200 zigbee deivces, now I have HA with zha skyconnect, and I just transfer less than 50 devices and now is totally unstable, when I check tha map, ther is over 5 hundred lines, and non of them in green, I have a very large house, I am thinking in buying zigbee extendrs, because as I understand is not possible to have additional zigbee hubs in HA, but I am not really sure because even that is a large home there is a lot of zigbeee plugs and wall swiches all over the place and it supose to works as a repeters, I already did a lot of the general recommendations, like swich channels, put the device far away of the router etc, and I dont really know what else to do please if some one has any idea in how to fix my crazy mesh zigbee network I would really appreceate

here is a screenshot of the topology

Do you use an USB extension cable, or a USB3 port ? Using an USB extension cable and an USB 2 port will improve Zigbee reception.

hello, yes i use the usb extension cable that come whit the home assistant yellow with sky connect package