My Zigbee Zha experiences so far

I setup an HA green several months ago and I am liking it a lot. Keeps the old brain busy.

Added Skyconnect later and several Aqara entry sensors and a P1 Aqara motion sensor for bedroom lamp.

Initially I just connected the Zigbee end devices to the Skyconnect to test. Zigbee coordinator in computer room south end of ranch house. Furtherest device north end window, and 3 in the basement windows. Distance thru floor and walls about 30± feet.

All basement devices, were yellow and not terrible connections, north end bath window was red. Distance about 60± feet thru wall and closet.

For further testing, added an Aeotec zi router, bright green connection there to coordinator. Centrally located, 30± feet approx and connected the weak north device to that. Its now yellow and a decent connection.

I’ve noticed unavailable some, but no actual devices disconnected that I can tell. They do stabilize after some time and no more unavailables appear in logs. Unavailables only appear for a little while if I mess with the Zigbee.

I’m adding a second Aeotec zi and will try the basement, upstairs seems covered, and see what happens.

I have read and re-read the Zigbee things to know document circulating here several times.

Just posting my observations of Zigbee Zha so far. Will be adding many more Aqara entry sensors and a couple more motion. They seem to actually stay connected and read back as always closed, never saw one yet disconnected in the visualization or switches feedback. P1 has been very good, 12 feet from Skyconnect coordinator.

Using Wyze WiFi bulbs, but will switch to Zigbee and elimate the Wyze integration as a problem waiting to happen.

Already downtime happened actually with Wyze recent downtime and cloud issues.