MycroftOS: A bare minimal (production type of) OS based on Buildroot inspired by HassOS

MycroftOS is a bare minimal linux OS based on Buildroot to run the Mycroft A.I. software stack on embedded devices. The software stack of Mycroft A.I. creates a hackable, privacy minded, open source voice assistant.

It is heavenly inspired by HassOS (hence the similar approach naming it).

Why this thread on the Home Assistant forums

It is currently at a stage that it becomes ussuable for any day use. Don’t get me wrong, I still consider it in alpha release, but as Voice Control becomes more and more important, even for Home Assistant which now even has a dedicated section for it. I believe, now is the time to share this with you guys as well.

I really, REALLY could use some feedback/testing/bug hunting/etc. from other users then myself. There is only X amount of test work you can do, and even then… I will always do thing the way I have them intended to. Other people might do things in a way I haven’t thought about and it is just those things I am after.

I strongly believe that the Home Assistnat users / community are the exact type of users that can benefit from this and there are ussuale not afraid to try things. Tinker with things. Accepty this to be broken, but more importantly; They are the type of users that contribute by feedback, filling issues, helping out with PR’s, etc.

So let’s get to the point…

Where can you go

Information on development can be found on Github;

More information on the different versions and especially information on the latest alpha4 version, I would like to redirect you to the Mycroft A.I. forums;


Downloads for currently both RPI3 and RPI4 can be found at my own personal website;

Hook up with Home Asstant

There is a skill at the Mycroft A.I. market place that make controling HA possible.

Just give the voice command;
Install Home Assistant

And head over to the skill settings page of your device to configure your Home Assistance settings.

There is a Mycroft integration for Home Assistant here;

Happy to receive feedback on this. Both positive as negative. Also open for any coding help I can get. Pull Requests are more than welcome.

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Looks interesting.
Do you have a supported or known to work hardware list?
The only thing I have available to test with is the v1 aiy voice hat on a pi 3B+.
It works ok with rhasspy, but of course that is no guarantee.

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Most, if not all USB stuff should just work out of the box.

The ReSpeaker hat drivers are also included and will be configured at boot if found. The 4mic hat, the 4mic linear and 6mic hat. Not sure about the older 2mic hat.

Unfortunately I do not have access to AIY hats, so don’t know. Doubt it, as it requires additional drivers and software. Support is on the list, just need to find the right excuses for the Mrs to buy some :wink::joy:

sources from here
deb stable main

there is a documented whl file here based on an issue or two:

I’m not a developer or a good coder but I do have the hardware available and am willing to test for you.

I have been running picroft for a couple of months now so maybe I can help? A bit of testing and document creation will not be beyond my skill set.

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Will read into it and give it a try. You have an rpi3 or RPi4?

I have both so ATM I have picroft on a rpi3 but I have a rpi42gb if needed. I did have it earmarked for a voip setup but but that can wait if it helps?

Just started looking into alternatives to Amazon / Google and came across this. I don’t see much traction though. Has this gone any further in terms of integration or is it dead / abandoned?

Its github page suggest still being maintained as last commit was 3 days ago

It is worth taking a look at rhasspy too.

It is still very much alive, but yeah; As I am on my own working on it, progress goes slow.

Best is to hop over to the Mycroft forums. I have a thread there about MycroftOS.